sketches of waiting (7.00-9.15)

1. woman crying by herself, crying to herself about her right foot injury or maybe something more, waiting for a longer time than those who came in after her, wondering why won’t they call her name, she doesn’t want to be like the woman on tv, dead while waiting.

2. man sleeping draped over three chairs, sheets for blankets, blankets for pillows, arm over face trying to hide from the light, sleeping to hide from the repeating news tv, to hide from the reality of pain, of sick, waiting to be woken up.

3. woman waiting with friend, father waiting with daughter, mother waiting with son, patient-ly waiting dressed in something too vulnerable to be waiting alone, waiting to be hoarded in with the others, waiting for someone to care.

4. family members standing with flowered luggage, red travel luggage, plastic grocery bags storing food and other secrets, looking out from behind tears, wringing worried hands at the front desk waiting, so they can see for themselves.

5. me compact and stationary in the corner watching people enter, sit for awhile, leave, reading and contemplating all about love, uncertain of what to do next, waiting for a reply, waiting for my warrior princess voice to surface, waiting for the end of waiting.

Photo by Alaina Town



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