Masters of 7

Light vs. Dark

Onward we prevail,
Success withstanding the forces of failure.

Not a soul,
Not a spirit,
Not a deity
Can hinder our resolve.
Rising from the depths of darkness,
The home we loathe
But the home to which we have become accustomed.
A home that isn’t reached by light,
So light must be created from within,

A light so radiant and blinding
That shadows will cease to exist.
But as the darkness dissipates,
A new cloud cover looms ominously.
And so the light we’ve created,
Becomes enveloped once again in darkness.
We think, and we fight,
Until the black of night that we invite
Can be abolished once and forever
By every progressive pursuit and endeavor.

Time continues to move forward,
And the masters of 7 recreate heaven
Above the clouds that loom ominously over.
And so once again, the introspection of a few
Make extroversion for the many who can’t take in our view.
And while the many bask in this new found clarity,
The few unappreciated souls
Return to their homes
To find a new and even brighter sense of charity.

And so we ride off again into the darkness,
The place where our hearts reside.
No matter the hardships,
We follow no one but ourselves
By the convictions that enabled us to leave the darkness to begin with.
We are no one, we don’t exist,
The Masters of 7 without witness.

Into The Light by Ania Beata Owczarczyk.

Into The Light by Ania Beata Owczarczyk.



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