Anatomy Lab Haikus

Fresh since the Superficial Back.

The arcuate line
Is gradual not distinct
Unlike some others.

The pouch of Douglas,
we should not see you outside.
But yes, you are there.

Smooth-sweet chilean
Ah, I know what you have done
Doctor Castelli.

Gold plated scissors
Creates things from adipose
He is Thomas Gest.

Laura hates on Dan.
But Dan found the artery.
What’s up now Laura?

Doctor Castelli –
“Body is my area.
Not just the larynx”

“Team 2”
Justin, so pretty
Dan, inappropriate tongue
Laura, likes them both.



  1. Fresh.

    Comment by Ania Beata Owczarczyk — May 28, 2010 @ 11:52 pm

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