S*&! med students say

Still an impostor in The White Coat,

but perhaps less so.

Is it okay?

a stethoscope around my neck?

my reflex hammer in the right pocket?

dark chocolate in the left?

The chocolate sometimes melts.

Dark, 88%.

Who knew how far it’d go?

Are you allowed?

Of course, of course you can have some.

Have some before it melts,

Before it stains my left pocket.

Patients like chocolate,

But that’s not allowed.

Not allowed to give it to patients,

Even though they’re not dogs, no choxicity.

She wanted some,

But she also wanted love –

Love that wouldn’t stain.

Why are the coats white? Is that racist?

Is white chocolate real? 



Patient patients.

Kind love.

Love that doesn’t stain.

Photo by Kate Brieger, Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Fall 2014.



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