Summer Pick-Up Lines

Ann Arbor’s finest actual pick-up lines from my wonderful summer here in A2

Wow, so, you’re like really smart!

I haven’t had sex in two years….

Hey ladies, it’s my friend’s birthday today, and he doesn’t get out much, so I was wondering if any of you would be interested in going home with him tonight?

You would look so much better if you smiled!

I bet I can get the bartender’s attention faster than you!

So, you’re Indian? I’m Iranian! India and Iran, they’re tight man! They’re like this! We should be like India and Iran!

So, do you want to get married soon?

(@ Rick’s) Gosh! I’m so sorry you just got hit in the head with a beer bottle! Can I walk you home?

Why haven’t you come over to talk to me? I’ve been motioning for you to come to me all night.

I think I’m a pretty good catch.



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